Despite trying to get relief on your own the struggle continues.  

You keep feeling overwhelmed, stressed and failing at life. This leads you to feel worried, depressed and relationships become difficult.  As a result your confidence in yourself and life is really on a shaky foundation.  

You may begin to think things like:

  • "Is this ever going to stop?"

  • "Can I keep living like this?"

  • "Is my family going to stick around?"

  • "What if I fail?"

  • "What if people stop liking me?" 

This leaves you feeling defeated, lost and exhausted. Just remember you deserve to live the life you want without the lack of confidence or road blocks in your way.

You deserve to have relief from life stressors.

If you don't take action now you are likely to sink deeper into your self-defeating thoughts and actions. Your stress continues to build and burnout is inevitable. Being able to relate to others will remain impacted and your confidence and self-worth become extremely challenged.

I can help before things get any worse.

Help is a phone call or click away.

Reach out to Dr. Scoggins today and take back your life and your desire to live the life you want.

I know how hard asking for help can be, especially when you feel that you should have all the answers.

Don't worry I have committed myself to help people overcome their stress and worries about life and to emerge into the life they want.  I am here to help you succeed even if you are unable to see the light in this moment.

I realize that starting therapy with an unfamiliar person is very scary. Trust me to make this step as easy as possible, make the call and I will take it from there.